Street Food in Ensenada You Should Not Miss

The street food in Ensenada has garnered attention and appreciation from far and wide owing to the heavenly aroma and exquisite taste. Watching the vendors use their veritable skills and tricks to concoct some authentic Mexican food is a sight to behold. Stalls and carts adorned with loaded sandwiches, colorful tacos or anything made out of masa will definitely get you drooling.

So, if you are wandering in the streets of Ensenada and need some delectable food to accompany you, you should definitely consider the following. Skipping the lavish dining experience and standing on the streets to appreciate the local Mexican food is definitely one of the top things to do in Ensenada.


Tlacoyo is an oval-shaped Mexican dish made out of masa (corn dough used to create tortillas, tacos, and similar things) that is served fried or roasted. This ovoid disc is stuffed with cooked beans, some light cheese, fava beans, chicharron and served with soups and stews or as an appetizer.

Tlacoyo is one of the most popular street food in Ensenada as people like to watch the raw ingredients transform into a completely new food entity. They are supposed to be consumed hot and fresh. Thus, the street vendors keep the Tlacoyos in a covered basket with small pores that allow steam to keep the dough moist. Traditional Tlacoyos are served with fresh salsa without any elaborate toppings. If you are eager to try these, you could explore some stalls that still promote traditional Mexican cuisine.

Tacos al pastor

All hail the Lebanese immigrants! El pastor is a unique variation of the popular Lebanese Shawarma. Considering the immense popularity of tacos in the Mexican cuisine, you might find these stuffed with various veggies and sauces. However, this one is slightly offbeat as the taco shells enclose some spit-grilled pork caramelized with the juices of pineapple. The smoky aroma and the taco shells will make you feel that you have the best of both worlds.

You could head to La Guerrerense or Tacos Marco Antonio and hog on these delectable tacos unabashedly. Tacos fall under a diverse price range; they might be dirt cheap at some places and exorbitantly expensive at others.

Tacos de Canasta

De Canasta is a simple and novel form of bulk-cooking. Perfect for vendors who like to serve their food fast and early, most of the preparation is done at home before setting up the stall. The taco shells are prepared at home and carefully kept inside a basket that has been insulated with cloth, plastic and butcher paper.

Meanwhile, the tacos get sufficiently warm inside the container while the vendor travels to the stall. Potatoes, fried beans, and chicharron are used as fillings. This is the most budget-friendly snack and easily available if you have some major hunger pangs.


Tostada could give you the desired crunch in your mouth with its perfect texture. It can be consumed separately or as a base for tacos. When tortillas are not fresh enough to be consumed as tacos, they’re moulded into the fried or toasted tostadas for consumption. It is either served as an accompaniment with stews and seafood or loaded with toppings like beans, cheese, onions, sour cream, and lettuce. Commercial tostadas, popular as nachos is a variation of tortilla chips itself.

If you are not willing to run the length of streets, head to this one-stop shop, Irene Cocina de Barrio food truck for some mouth-watering street food in Ensenada. They serve a diverse range of tacos and tostadas with some unique inventive toppings.


This seaside port town has a lot to offer when it comes to street food. You can treat your taste buds with some freshly caught seafood that is seasoned and cooked in an exemplary manner. The stalls are adorned with some beautiful fish, shrimp, octopus, pismo clam, sea snail, sea cucumber, sea snail and more.

You might spot a number of fish taco stands in Ensenada. However, no Ensenada trip is complete if you don’t try the fish tacos and sea snail tostada at La Guerrerense. The owner used to run a street cart and has now opened a sit-down restaurant right across the cart. The clams, scallops, sea urchins and suite of homemade salsa are few of the most trusted and savored dishes here. If you are willing to try some new flavor in the usual Mexican food, you should also visit Tacos Fenix who claim to have introduced the Baja style fish taco with its signature tempura-like batter.


Once you’ve tried enough spice and flavor of the Mexican street food in Ensenada, you could satisfy your sweet-tooth with these deep fried long doughnuts, churros. This fluffy crispy dessert is then coated with cinnamon and sugar.

You could relish them on the street of La Bufadora which is a commercial space for Mexican art and craft.These stalls are interspersed with small carts selling churros and other delicacies.

The aforementioned suggestions would have definitely got you salivating at the prospect of travelling to this place.

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